The three reasons to offer your customers
a piece of ITALYANA HOME collection

– 1 –

A new way to think home fragrance vs the usual reed diffusers.


– 2 –

A true Made in Italy design home decor.


– 3 –

Made in Italy premium fragrances in a unique Italian olfactory experience to be discovered.

80% of the home fragrance market is made with reeds diffuser. The biggest problem with reed diffusers is management.

People buy them, for the first weeks they take care of them, they flip the reeds twice a week so they still diffuse the fragrance, but then they are annoyed, they leave them, losing all the fragrance.

Always the same bottle design, square, round or like the famous pharmacist’s bottle, isn’t it?


We thought different and we created something original, classy, useful at the same time and beautiful with a 100% Italian soul.


We have designed special flowers (hand made with birch wood) instead of the classic reeds, these flowers have a particular design that permits them to naturally absorb the fragrance (slowly) and as a real flower continue to release the fragrance in the ambient without any management.

Beautiful, functional and combined with exclusive bottles glass with sensual and unusual shapes, they create the perfect home decor.

Last but not least everything is made in Italy included the six premium fragrance that tells a real journey transporting you in the most beautiful Italian cities, with memories and emotion to relive every day in your home.

  Credits furniture: Hotel Villa Ducale, Taormina   
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Indulge in a thoroughly Italian experience

Discover our six exclusive and preciouses home fragrances created for you and your home to bring you in a sensorial journey into the best and most representatives Italian cities.

What’s your favorite shape?

Four luxury bottles glass with four exclusive handmade wood flowers, designed to bring in your home a touch of Italian design