A Made in Italy
luxury home fragrance
olfactory journey

Italy is a country rich in history, artistic beauty, culinary delicacies and incredible natural landscapes.

Imagine, close your eyes and let your senses guide you, letting you transport on a journey into Italy’s scents and memories.

A unique sensory experience, in an olfactory journey to discover the six most representative Italian cities. Each essence contains an olfactory journey that leads you to discover the beauties of our country, made of colors, flavors and above all unique perfumes.

Six Cities, six different fragrances that will make you live and relive the experience linked to travel and its aromas and moments of memory.

Discover the secrets of each essence, in the olfactory notes that characterize each fragrance dedicated to each of the six cities.

  Credits furniture: Hotel Villa Ducale, Taormina   

Indulge in a thoroughly Italian experience

Discover our six exclusive and precious home fragrances created for you and your home to transport you in a sensorial journey into the best and most representatives Italian cities.

What’s your favorite shape?

Four luxury bottles glass with four exclusive handmade wood flowers, designed to bring in your home a touch of Italian design