Waterlily Flower diffuser

Firenze fragrance 3.4 oz

A sophisticated and exclusive precious glass bottle design, from which comes out a splendid and precious Water lily flower-shaped diffuser, handmade entirely of natural birch wood.

The diffuser, complete with fragrance, is an idea of furnishing that suits any environment, whether home or office and spreads an intense and persistent scent.

It’s the perfect size to be placed anywhere on the desk, on the windowsill, on the shelf of your wall, allowing you admire it for the modern and at the same time classic design and spreading in the environment its unique perfume of…

Like a mirage, this fragrance is a  tribute to Florence "la Bella" city. A languid Orange and Lavender laced with sparkling Lemon mingle with mysterious Nasturtium and Peony, making Firenze an aphrodisiac and addictive fragrance. Amber, Caramel and Sandalwood are veiled in a sweet Vanilla accord and creates a gourmand harmony with true titillation for the senses.

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The home diffuser comes complete with its fragrance.

The birch flower slowly absorbs the scent in the glass bottle and releasing the fragrance into the environment and lasting over time.

The diffuser is a precious handmade birch flower, every possible imperfection are not to be considered as a defect but it represents the quality and univocity of the handmade process.

The home diffuser is rechargeable by purchasing the dedicated recharges that you find below.


Thanks to the nature and design of our flowers, you don't need to take care of them, unlike the reed diffusers, that they need to flip their reeds few times a week to continue to diffuse, our flowers, once you have inserted in their bottles they start to absorb slowly the fragrance and to diffuse gradually it in your home.
When all the fragrance is completely absorbed, the flower, like a real one, continue for a few time to diffuse the fragrance, while the bottle is empty.
To continue to have the same intensity you can buy a refill and your beautiful home diffuser will continue to diffuse your favorite fragrance again.

The fragrance quickly becomes the color of the flower, light and time can alter the hue.

Height 5,2~ in
Width 3,9 in
Deep 1,4 in
Flower diameter 4.0~ in

Firenze fragrance
Olfactory notes




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Firenze fragrance 3.4 oz

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