Credits furniture: Giorgetti S.p.a.



Back in 1999, in a basement of my parents’ house, me and my two friends, always looking for new ideas and lovers of everything that was design and technology, we created our first research and development company, called Surfnet.

The passion for design has led us over the years to develop and collaborate in various projects to the present day, where the evolution and paths of life have made Surfnet change from a small basement located in a small town in northern Italy and turns through the ocean and opening ITALYANA, LLC a company based in Houston, Texas, which since 2015 has been dedicated to the import and distribution of exclusive design and products, Made in Italy, in the United States.

ITALYANA HOME is a special project all made in Italy and dedicated to the discovery of the beauties of Italy through an olfactory journey of 6 exclusive fragrances that represent the memories and scents of the most representative Italian cities.

A sensory journey that is presented through four exclusive air fresheners characterized by a luxury and sophisticated design made in Italy

Four different bottles with unique and sophisticated shapes welcome four different and exclusive flower-shaped diffusers, small design objects entirely handmade in birch wood, which, immersed in the precious essences, release the scents and memories of magical cities and full of charms like Genova, Milano, Venezia, Firenze, Roma, and Taormina.

A unique collection to be discovered and at the same time four exclusive made in Italy design objects that furnish and make exclusive every corner of your home.

The fragrances are the result of the research and the ten-year passion of skilled Italian perfumery artisans who have created these 6 precious essences of the highest quality, designed to awaken or make people discover memories and sensations through the olfactory notes of each of the 6 famous Italian locations.

Indulge in a thoroughly Italian experience

Discover our six exclusive and precious home fragrances created for you and your home to transport you in a sensorial journey into the best and most representatives Italian cities.

What’s your favorite shape?

Four luxury bottles glass with four exclusive handmade wood flowers, designed to bring in your home a touch of Italian design